Welcome to my blog! I’m Kathleen, a thirty-something happy-go-lucky girl. My students say I’m a lot like Jess from New Girl, a compliment I willingly accept!

I spend lots of time walking, skating, running and hiking with my best pal Gérard, a slender Beauceron-Collie. He’s as much of a people lover as I am, but I only allow him to pin down visitors (getting all tangled up in their handbags, a cunning strategy) who appreciate being put down for love. Or maybe only people who I want him to cuddle to bits -I guess not every friend or relative realises I actually know perfectly well how to rein him in.

Gérard at the new ecofriendly Western Harbour in Malmö.

Gérard at the new ecofriendly Western Harbour in Malmö.

I live in a cute house I bought four years ago already. When I viewed the house I immediately fell in love with the airy rooms and the charming floorboards. It’s a 54-year-old two-story with a yard (front with tulips on the lawn, grassy back, and more grassy back).

I’m in the eternal process of bringing it into the twentieth century. Our climate is a temperate maritime one, which sounds more exotic than it is: the summers can be dry and warm, stressing that it’s only a possibility, and during fall and winter strong Atlantic low-pressure systems make me cuddle up in big pillows underneath blankies with the heating turned on nicely and hot tea or ideally cocoa at hand, listening to the rain fall on our windows and the stormy winds that circle the house.

If I’m lucky, snowfall once or twice a year pulls me out of that comfy couch and has me run and slide around, entertaining both myself and mr doggy. Because we’re not used to such pleasures, the whole country is in distress and noone manages to properly get to work or school.

As for the house: I’m trying all sorts of things to turn the rooms into relaxing havens or practical but beautiful spaces, collecting ideas from Pinterest, books, magazines, other people’s houses. It’s a huge job, but I love it! As you will notice in my posts.

I’m totally and utterly in love with Sweden: 12 years ago I spent one year at Uppsala University studying something linguistic that was very interesting.

I try to speak Swedish as often as I can which is nice on the holidays I regularly take there. My dream is to buy a little red house sort of close to Stockholm, ideally next to a lake. It will make travelling cheaper or at least an investment.

That’s my dream. My ultimate fantasy (read: unrealistic dream) however is to one day live there, enjoying hot summers and icy cold winters that have you wander white streets for months, listening to the muffled sounds of conversations and cars, and -as I do during the gales that strike Belgium during autumn and winter- happily come home in a warm, cosy place with a hot shower and dry clothes waiting for you.

The house in Ryd where we spent a couple of nights to visit friends and the IKEA museum.

The house in Ryd where I spent a couple of nights to visit friends and the IKEA museum.

I’m a big reading enthusiast, I love writing, I’ve been making music for as long as I know and apart from that I adore sports because of the endorphins and, depending on which type, bursts of adrenaline. Oh, and I’m obsessed with IKEA. Want to do me a favour? Drive me to the walhalla of affordable Scandinavian interior design!

cover of the new IKEA catalogue

Pleased as pie on the cover of the new IKEA catalogue, a treat you get at the museum.

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