Battling Burnout: Cosy nooks and hideaways

One way to stand up against all the negativity in your head is to carry out simple tasks with attainable goals. Choose activities that take little energy and will not cause any stress. Tidying up is a good example, as long as you keep your goals within reach (see also ADHD housekeeping). Just dusting the piano and arranging the pillows on the couch will do. The result is great and the effort only minimal.

Yesterday, I changed three light bulbs. Even though I’ve only recently moved into my beloved one’s house, I luckily knew where to find the new lamps, how to dispose of the old ones and I didn’t even have to search for a proper ladder: the classic IKEA step ladder did the trick. No stress at all! After 15 minutes (I first had to figure out how the recessed lights were mounted) the kitchen was flooded with light, leaving me all happy and satisfied.

Something else I’ve recently done is upgrading the cozy nooks I use for relaxing and as a hideout from the hubbub (should be read as: noise) of everyday life in a house with three children.

Thanks to these plants -and the lovely brass planters- this dark bathroom has become the ideal place to relax while recovering from burnout.

Even before the plants invaded the bathroom I found this place ideal for relaxing.

A good friend advised me to try to replace buying stuff by buying experiences. Or: don’t clutter your house with stuff but do stuff. Excellent idea! But I did have a really good excuse for the plants: they all very much improve the experience of relaxing at home. Also, going to the Swedish store I mentioned before is one of my favourite pastimes: another genuinely positive experience.

Kitchen island hideout with plants.

Everyone in the family loves to sit with the crocodile (can you locate it?), hidden in the greenery behind the kitchen island.

The pictures above are shared spaces, whereas the one below is taken in the ‘master’ bedroom on the top floor. It’s the only completely private, quiet and peaceful place I’ve very much come to love and of course even need at the moment.

Before picture of bedroom corner under the eaves

Before: the space behind our bed the moment I decided to spend some time in my favourite store’s plant section.


After picture with plants in black and brass planters, reading nook under sloped ceiling, ideal for recovery from burnout

After: a peaceful reading nook underneath the slanted ceiling, abundant with light thanks to a big skylight.

Didn’t we all love to just sit in our bedroom when we were teenagers, listening to music, flipping through magazines or putting up posters of just about anything we could find? For years now I’d been longing for such moments, except for the posters obviously, and buying a proper bluetooth speaker last summer (again, buying stuff) was the best financial investment in my happiness. Can you imagine how much worse I would’ve been off without it? No, I’m just kidding of course, but you get the point.

My trusted bluetooth friend allows for yet more of those genuinely positive experiences: to spend an evening by myself, listening to my old albums and (it’s the top floor, no one bothers) singing along… I’ve discovered our memories must have been quite okay before adulthood amnesia kicked in.

That friend of mine who told me about the stuff and the experiences kindly let me publish a picture of her recently redecorated reading corner. I love it!

Yellow Strandmon or wing chair from IKEA in cosy reading nook with Philodendron monstera

She’d been wanting to buy that chair for ages, and along with it she’s opened the door to many joyful experiences.

Do you have have and enjoy your cosy nooks at home? Please do inspire us by posting links to your website or Instagram pictures in the comment section below!

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