Battling burnout: Shopping

About those velvet All Stars I mentioned in my article on clothing: I’m afraid excessive shopping is another sign of my faltering well-being.

Whereas last year I survived the January sales with flying colours, it was extremely hard not to buy anything this year. The same week that ended in me staying home from work, two things were peaking: both my lack of joy and my online orders. Three packages would arrive within two days’ time, which in spite of everything brought some happiness.

January sales, buying additional towels and pillows, purple velvet All Stars and a snow globe with a golden flamingo

Waiting until the third Monday of January did pay off: I got all seven of these oxytocin boosters for only 75% of the price of that brand new pair of lovely, couch-like, velvet All Stars.

Before I went on my January shopping spree, I’d first been on one during the December sales to buy more dresses like the ones in my closet.

Three dresses (or two dresses and one sweater) from JBC and a flashy pair of All Stars.

I picked up the orange All Stars during the sales in July. They’re the perfect pair to wear with that blue sweater, which obviously is the ideal stay at home dress.


LaRedoute green dress, A line, JBC green blouse with floral pattern, Naketano coat with huge hoodie

I definitely needed a winter coat, and I’ve come to use this one daily. Mine is aubergine. Neither the dress, nor the blouse was something I needed, but I’d only just discovered that this kind of green suits me, a cool Winter type.

Shopping may sound like a terribly shallow solution to anxiety and depressive feelings, but there’s more to it than just a temporary rush of happy hormones. As I’ve discussed before in my article on creating a peaceful haven, creating one or more spaces where you can feel at ease and spend some time alone with yourself is extremely important.

In my previous home I could sit quietly almost anywhere I liked -even the pantry was an enjoyable space. Every other week now however, I share my new dwelling with three children age 12, 11 and 7. No matter how kind and loving they are (I adore having them around while they’re studying French or doing math and asking me questions all the time), finding that peaceful haven has become not only slightly more difficult but also much more important. And especially now that I need all the rest I can get.

This is where lots of shopping is strictly necessary, I correct myself, can be beneficial. My next article talks about those retreats I can escape to, even when the house is immersed in children’s enthusiasm.

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  1. Stefanie Reply

    Ik heb dit jaar al 3 boeken online besteld en 1 gekocht in de boekhandel. Misschien ook een teken? Of bak ik gewoon graag koekjes?
    Bezoekjes van of aan lieve vrienden maken me zeker gelukkig! X

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