Battling burnout: Outfit


When I first started talking about burnout, I told you the way I dress clearly reflects how I’m feeling. Looks can be deceiving however. One day, when I complimented an acquaintance on her stunning looks (sexy dress, very stylish make-up), she emptily replied: “I have to invest in my looks, it’s the only thing I have.” She’s intelligent, caring, enthusiastic, sportive… Other people would be jealous of her, but at that time, she was looking at her best and feeling at her worst.

Fashionably asleep

Back then her words came to me as a shock. I realize now that I adopt exactly the same strategy. I try to overcome my sadness by picking out something nice to wear after my morning bath. In spite of the huge effort it takes, I can almost always resist the temptation of sliding into my comfy training slacks.

Last week I wasn’t too satisfied with the shift dress I was wearing. Exactly twenty minutes before I had to be at my psychologist’s I changed into an A-line dress (of course not without first digging up matching tights). I figured it was only a ten-minute drive so why not and even ended up hurrying to the laundry room to get my brand new pair of velvet All Stars when I should’ve been reversing the car onto our busy street. Luck was on my side as there were none of the usual tractors, buses or trains to keep me from entering her office in time and getting complimented on my purple sneakers.

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