Pleased as pie

Shopping spree! I intended to go to IKEA, but settled on Action and the local recycle shop. By the time I’d worked my way through those two, my shopping bags had become so heavy my back started to remind me it was about time to go home.

I got some shopping inspiration (or rather, an excuse) from a friendly lady who constantly treats us to tea, cake, chocolate and dog biscuits. We love her… After an unforgettable living room painting adventure her husband had strictly forbidden her to burn any candles inside the house, so during winter she has these beautiful lanterns on an outdoor table. Very cosy!

With the larger windows in, our living room would definitely profit from a couple of candles on the terrace. They’d nicely elongate the room during dark winter evenings.

Living room window enlargement: before and after. I’ll spare you the during pictures that make the average human being lose several nights of sleep.

About the decorative items: they had to be different smaller sizes with one bigger item dominating the scene. Also, I wanted them to have lids so my candles wouldn’t start floating on rainy days. There wasn’t a lot of room for options as to their colour since the surrounding brick walls are undeniably red.

Not-so-appealing red brick walls… (For now at least!)

I was sort of reluctant to spend much money in case we’d paint those walls a nice(r) colour. I ended up investing a lovely €6.09 to create that extra homely space, which you can read in both ways.

The red LED jar from Action was the most expensive item at €3.95. Those three vintage preserving jars are secondhand finds, costing twice €0.25 and €0.50. The other two jars are household leftovers from raspberry jam and spaghetti sauce. Yes, store-bought sauce. Because sometimes we’re just plain lazy. Anyway, they all came with lids on them!

To fit in with the red theme I enveloped the jars with Action’s €0.64 pinkish glitter fabric. For some obscure reason -probably the price- red wasn’t available, but it sure does the trick. The secondhand €0.50 Buddha snow globe is another great find from the recycle shop. Such a fruitful day…

Preserving jars

And look at it all glow! Exactly how I wanted it to be.

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