Berlin meets Fritz Alexander Plushkin II

As I promised in my first and mainly West Berlin blog, I would show you the colourful, alternative and often surprising East Berlin I experienced. To start with, I met a famous family member!

Hello love, don’t be shy. From what I’ve heard, you’re a real model for a really national advertising campaign.

IMG_2509 [50%]

This Ossie district is a nice place to dwell. Nice lamp posts, a beautiful water tower and a Russian cafe with extremely strong tea I didn’t dare taste.

IMG_2512 [50%]
IMG_2515 [50%]

You are the cutest! Do you want to join me for a drink in that antique Russian decor?

IMG_2517 [50%]
IMG_2519 [50%]

Sorry folks, but I needed an emergency nap. This is quite an intensive holiday program (see my first Berlin blog), especially on those little paws of mine. I guess should’ve taken some of that Russian tea.

IMG_2522 [50%]

Am I posing with a cake that has a candle on the inside? I love cake, even with candles on the wrong side!

IMG_2524 [50%]

I’d take you home in a second because it looks like we could be the best of friends. Of course, I can’t. One of the flaws of my cashless life.

IMG_2525 [50%]

What happened to these? Can they still speak? They must have done the most awful things to have to end up this way.

IMG_2528 [50%]

A huge strawberry, the love of my life.

IMG_2529 [50%]

I don’t even know why I was here, let alone why I’m smiling. This was the most boring stop: no fluffy friends, no delicious cake or fruit. I just felt like a tourist in a touristy place amongst very touristy tourists.

IMG_2530 [50%]

Now this is a cheery picture I’m proud of! You see, this wall everyone was so upset about looks awesome in the city centre.

IMG_2548 [50%]

That’s me after I’ve eaten that huge strawberry. If only someone could tell me why my snout looks like a bucket.

IMG_2547 [50%]

The wall keeps getting better and better. A sausage! A big one with lots of lard! Its perfume is not even close to the sausagey odours I’m used to but this might have to do with that dark patch on the pavement.

IMG_2558 [50%]

Oh, will you please stop taking pictures of me tinkling?

IMG_2552 [50%]

This is where I shared a dog bed with lots of young partygoers from all over Europe. They all loved me for my doggy talk and the long sprints I took at night, at times only slowly trotting about in the air when some interesting smell seemed to have caught my dreaming nostrils.

IMG_2543 [50%]

In my next blog I’ll tell you about the last leg of my journey in which another Fritz gave me a proper caffeine boost, I tried a reenactment of Lola Rent and I found out about books you were oddly enough supposed to burn instead of read.

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    • Posiblog Reply

      Bedankt. 🙂 Fritz leidt je met veel plezier rond, Goele, hij is er helemaal klaar voor!

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